Is Sanitile 755 FR tougher than a 57 mph fastball?


Is Sanitile 755 FR tough enough to stand up to a 57 mph fastball? Find out here…

St. Louis, Missouri, February 5, 2018 – Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Sanitile 755 FR! Sanitile 755 FR is designed for maximum protection and minimum maintenance. Its outstanding wetting properties, and glass fiber reinforcement provide an economical solution for walls and ceilings in food & beverage, commercial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and wastewater treatment facilities.

Sanitile 755 FR has ultra low VOC and can be applied in one labor saving coat. With its inclusion of glass fibers, this product saves time and money upfront and maintenance costs later. The high tensile strength and excellent impact and abrasion resistance offer an impressive wall cladding option for interior use.

Sanitile 755 FR is self-priming and can be applied directly to drywall, CMU, concrete or steel surfaces.  This one product performs a multitude of tasks on a single project from steel protection to sealing concrete and CMU surfaces. “Sanitile 755 FR can deliver time and labor savings to contractors, owners and engineers,” said Paul Atzemis, Director of Technical Service.

Sanitile 755 FR fiber reinforcement and high tensile and flexural strength eliminate the need for a labor intensive, multiple coat system and a fiberglass mat layup. This applicator friendly product offers an attractive solution for new construction as well as for maintenance of existing walls, ceilings and equipment.

“The superior mechanical and chemical properties of this glass fiber reinforced epoxy, along with its fungal resistance, make this product the ideal choice for applications where a tough, smooth, monolithic coating with great chemical, impact and abrasion resistance is required,” said Chris Fenoli, Senior Scientist- OEM, Rail and Marine.

This new product has it all. It is aesthetically pleasing, has superior performance characteristics, is easy to apply, affords time and labor savings and offers an attractive solution for a multitude of coating challenges.