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Leader in Airless Spray Technology

Graco is the world leader in airless spray technology, and industrial painters around the world trust Graco for their airless spray guns and pumps. You want your airless pumps to work every day, and that’s why so many of you have chosen Graco. Graco has unmatched performance in airless technology. Graco’s extensive repair network means that you’ll find repair parts and technicians around the country.

Graco got its start in 1926 when Russell Gray, a parking lot attendant, thought that there must be a better way to lubricate cars during cold weather than with hand-operated grease guns. Graco made their first paint pump in 1948, and the first airless spray gun in 1957. By the time Gray Company went public and became Graco in 1969, annual sales stood at $33,000,000.  Today, Graco continues to offer solutions in a variety of industries. Did you know that Graco pumps put tomato paste on millions of pizzas each year? Strand’s Industrial Coatings stocks and ships Graco spray guns, tips, pumps, and repair parts to our customers in the United States. Contact us at Strand’s Industrial to learn how Graco can help you with your next coatings project.


High-quality Spray Guns for Industrial Applications

While SATA has a reputation for excellence in the automotive re-paint industry, our clients are learning about the benefits of SATA technology for the application of industrial coatings. The clients who demand the highest quality finish in industrial applications have found that SATA has a spray gun to meet their needs.

SATA’s history dates back to Germany in 1906 with the development of the SATA surgical syringe. They received their first patent for a spray gun in 1926 for a gun with a two piece air cap and elliptical air passages. Learn more about how SATA can give you the quality finish you need in a way that’s easy to use.

Featured Products:

SATAjet 1000 K RP

This is a small, lightweight, and fast pressure feed spray gun. This is designed for premium quality industrial coatings application.

SATA Adam 2

This is an explosion proof digital air pressure micrometer which mounts on the rear of SATA spray guns. It allows for precise setting and display of the inlet air pressure on SATA guns. The air pressure reading is a digital display on the adam 2, and it is easy to read as the inlet air is adjusted.

Hosco Hoses

Increase Productivity & Decrease Downtime with Hosco Hoses

Hosco is a finishing system components manufacturer serving the finishing industry worldwide.  Hosco offers both inch and metric smooth-bore, cavity-free, and micro-finished valves and fittings designed specifically for paint. All Hosco products are certified “silicone-free” and ready for installation in your paint systems.

Considering that 80% of all paint circulation system joints are found on the small diameter paint station drops, it is imperative that designers, installers, and maintenance technicians give complete attention to detail in all fittings and hoses. Using Hosco smooth bore, cavity-free, silicone-free components will result in increased first run defect-free paint line success, maximizing throughput and minimizing or eliminating “dirt in paint” on production parts.

We work with Hosco to provide hoses and fittings that provide smooth, cavity-free performance for our clients. That means less trash in your paint, and less trash on your parts. Less trash means greater productivity on your line and more profit in your plant.  
Contact the Strand’s Industrial Coatings team to learn more about the right equipment to use for the coatings you need. We have what you’re looking for.

Binks and DeVilbiss

The Leader in Conventional Airspray Technology

Binks LogoStrand’s partnership with Binks and DeVilbiss has been a valuable resource to our OEM and shop applicators. Binks is the world leader in conventional spray applications for industrial shops. Strand’s and Binks work together to help our customers increase transfer efficiency, which saves them time and money. Binks technology and experience has reduced gallons sprayed and VOC’s for our customers around the country. Many of our customer understand that gallons sprayed equals dollars spent, and even a slight improvement in the transfer efficiency of a paint line can result in big savings.
Devilbiss logo

Featured product:

Binks Trophy Series Conventional Air Spray Guns: The Trophy Series is designed to apply a variety of industrial coatings with superior quality. Designed with ergonomics in mind, your painters will be able to deliver superior finish quality with comfort, day after day. Let Strand’s experience in shop and OEM spray equipment work to your advantage with Binks conventional air spray.   We’ll help customize a Trophy Series gun to work with your plant’s zincs, epoxies, and urethanes.