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Holdtight 102

Protect Your Equipment Effectively & Affordably

Holdtight 102 is the industry leader in salts removal technology. It is recognized worldwide as an effective salts remover, and Strand’s Industrial has years of application and distribution experience with Holdtight 102. Holdtight 102 removes soluble salts, including chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates. These salts are especially dangerous for coatings because they are hygroscopic, which means they absorb moisture. If left on the surface prior to painting, the salts can pull moisture (electrolyte) right through a coating and cause early corrosion failures on newly coated steel. Holdtight 102 effectively removes the salts, and because it is not a coating, there is nothing left on the surface to interfere with coatings adhesion following proper application.

Dilution rates vary from 1:50 to 1:100, so using Holdtight 102 is effective, but not expensive. Salts levels following application can and often do go to zero after using Holdtight 102. Strand’s Industrial Coatings stocks and distributes Holdtight 102 in gallons, pails, drums, and totes from Marshalltown, Iowa, on a daily basis.   

Holdtight 102 is like a soap, but different.

Do you apply soap to your dishes? No, you use soap to aid the water in removing contaminants from the dishes. The soap doesn’t do the cleaning; the mechanical action and pressure of the water do the cleaning. Holdtight 102 works by making water an extremely effective cleaner. A dishwasher works by using the mechanical action of the water (pressure) along with the use of lots of water (flow) to flush the contaminants away.These processes are enhanced by the use of a cleaner (soap) to help dissolve the contaminants. Holdtight 102 works in the same way, using proper pressure, flow, and dilution rate of Holdtight 102 to result in a very effective salts removal process.

Some salts removers leave a residue. All corrosion inhibitors leave a residue. These residues can inhibit proper coatings adhesion. Because Holdtight 102 does not leave any residue, you can avoid solving one problem by creating another problem. By using Holdtight 102, you get a clean surface on your tanks, parts, or automotive frames while you delay the formation of flash rust prior to coating.  

Check out the application information in our resource library, and contact Sheila or Carter if you have questions about application, availability, or to place an order.

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