Polyamine Epoxy Yellowing

The photo below is a pool ceiling that was originally painted with a white acrylic.  Several years later, sections of the ceiling were coated with a white polyamine epoxy. Applying a solvent base epoxy over an acrylic is risky, but that’s a topic for another blog.  At the time that the epoxy was applied, the colors matched fairly well.  Keep in mind that solvent base epoxies will turn towards an amber color with time, and amine epoxies will amber more quickly than polyamides.  While the photos below are an extreme case, don’t plan on your white solvent base epoxy staying white forever.  In this case, the coating that was selected was a poor choice and this situation could have been avoided.  Water base epoxies can be expected to stay much whiter, but you’ll lose chemical and moisture resistance.

pool ceiling with yellowing

If your job requires the chemical and moisture resistance of a solvent based epoxy but you can’t allow your white epoxy to turn amber in a few years, here’s another option.  Gulf Coast Paints PC-270 Poly Chemcure Polyester Epoxy.  This polyester epoxy is a non-yellowing, color stable coating with years of proven performance in demanding applications.  Click here for technical data.