Custom Spray Cans

Custom Spray Cans Are a Solution to the Unexpected

Do you need spray cans in a custom color? We’ve been filling our own custom spray cans for over a decade, and we fill thousands of spray cans for clients each year, including manufacturers needing high volumes of custom spray cans to touch up their manufactured products that may have been scratched during assembly or packaging. Some manufacturers even send a can of custom spray paint to their customers with manufactured products in case damage occurs during shipping. Maintain the look and life of your equipment with an easy solution in a can.

We’ll fill your solvent-based or water-based coatings into custom spray cans for same-day shipment on orders received before 10:00 AM. If color matching services are required, please allow a 48-hour lead time. A gallon of paint normally fills 24 to 28 cans, and clients can send us their paint for custom spray can filling, if desired. We can also can tint the paint and fill the cans. Pricing for custom spray can filling is dependent upon the coating and the quantity of cans per batch.  We work with bulk orders, or can make just a single can. Overnight air shipment is not permissible for spray cans. Orders ship daily by FedEx, UPS or truck freight.  

Take a look at our color matching services to see commonly matched colors and customize in spray cans for your equipment needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our spray can services, contact us about pricing and your customizable options!