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PPG Amercoat

Proven Dependability in the Industrial Coatings Market

F4 Phantom JetAmercoat is a well-recognized leader in the industrial coatings business around the world.  Their products have decades of proven performance in some of the harshest environments on earth. We’re proud to work with PPG and deliver the benefits of their world class research and technology to you in every can. PPG Amercoat is a tried and true coatings name in American manufacturing, and Strand’s Industrial has recommended PPG Amercoat for OEM applications across the country.

The strong specification position of PPG Amercoat in the United States and around the world means that it’s a great option for many industrial coatings projects, from the most unique application to the more common equipment coating needs. We tint and ship PPG Amercoat daily with most locations in the United States receiving deliveries within two days or less. With quality industrial coatings and a fast turnaround, what more could you want? When we determine that PPG Amercoat is the right coating for your industry application, you’ll see the quality this brand promises.  PPG Amercoat represents our largest inventory and annual sales volume of any manufacturer, and we look forward to working with you.

Featured Products:

Amercoat 370    

A fast dry epoxy with a 30-minute recoat time at 4-6 mils at 70F. This is great for OEM work where fast recoat with a urethane is desired, or for use in the winter when cool shop temperatures typically slow down production.

Amercoat 370 technical data 


If you want the very best in durability, fade resistance, and adhesion in one product, this is it. This is a true polysiloxane that offers unmatched performance in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. If you simply can’t or won’t paint the equipment again for a very, very long time, PSX700 is the answer. This product is self-priming on steel and is excellent for highly visible or difficult-to-access areas that have to stay looking good. It’s not the cheapest, but it is the best.

PSX700 technical data

CeRam-Kote Coatings

CeRam-Kote™ Coatings, Inc. is the manufacturer of the CeRam-Kote™ family of high performance industrial coating products including CeRam-Kote® 54 SST and CeRam-Kote® 2000

Featured Product: CeRam-Kote® 54 SST

CeRam-Kote® 54 SST is a thin-film ceramic polymer coating that is easily applied on almost all substrates.  It can also be applied over marginally prepared substrates and rusty steel surfaces. It can be used over itself or as a primer under high performance topcoats, or as a barrier coat or universal primer. It is tolerant of moist/damp surfaces and suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities. Product is used as a maintenance coating to protect steel structures in industrial facilities, bridges, tank exteriors, marine weathering, offshore, oil tanks, piping, roofs, water towers and other exposures. It has good chemical resistance to splash/spillage, fumes and immersion in neutral, fresh and salt water.

CeRam-Kote® 54 SST Data Sheet

RAMUC Pool Paint

Make the Most of Your Pool & Deck with RAMUC

Strand’s Industrial Coatings is proud to be Iowa’s largest RAMUC paint distributor. RAMUC is the premier pool coatings manufacturer with years of successful case histories, maintaining major corporate and municipal clients nationwide. Our partnership with RAMUC allows us to offer the complete RAMUC line to customers ranging from homeowners with a backyard pool to hotels, schools, and city pools. RAMUC offers acrylics, epoxies, and chlorinated rubber coatings.
Swimming Pool Eldora, IAOur RAMUC specialist, Sheila Finnell-Tomlinson, NACE Certified CoatingsSwimming Pool Dike, IA Inspector #49235, will guide you through the process of painting your pool or recommend a qualified industrial contractor in your area to do the job. Naturally, the first step is to determine what type of coating is on your pool now, and Sheila can test your existing coatings at no charge. If you have an existing failure, contact Sheila  for help in preventing future coatings failures. Coating a pool the wrong way is a ticket to an early failure, so expert knowledge and the right products are a must. You didn’t build a pool so you could paint it. You built a pool to enjoy it!  Let us help you get the most out of your pool coatings so you can start enjoying the pool.  

Temp-Coat 101

Specialty Insulator to Protect Plant Personnel

TempCoat 101 photoTemp-Coat 101 is a specialty insulator product that preserves the temperature of a tank or pipe cargo while protecting your workers from contact with dangerous surfaces.  By utilizing ceramic microspheres, Temp-Coat 101 is an extremely effective insulator, even at low dry film thicknesses when compared to traditional insulation. Because Temp-Coat 101 has excellent adhesion to most substrates, it is normally applied directly to metal (check with our team for your particular substrate). This direct-to-metal application means that CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) is eliminated. CUI is a major problem with traditional wrapped insulation products, allowing and encouraging corrosion to occur under the insulation without you or your personnel noticing.  Strand’s Industrial has a successful history with Temp-Coat 101 in a variety of industries to protect heat or cold cargoes while also protecting your plant personnel. The final temperature that can be achieved is dependent upon the original temperature and the Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of the applied Temp-Coat 101. Contact Carter at Strand’s Industrial Coatings for specific recommendations for your application.

Gulf Coast Paints

Industrial Coatings from the Corrosive Gulf Coast Region

At Strand’s Industrial Coatings, we see a kindred spirit in Gulf Coast Paints. Our companies were both built on doing things the right way, not the easy way. Started by John Theis Sr. in 1976, and now in business with John Theis Jr, and his son Todd, this company has the morals and work ethic that we expect from a family business, like our own. Each of the three generations has application experience in the field which they pass on to their customers. They have invested years of research and experience in developing a very effective line of industrial coatings for the corrosion prevention industry.

Based in the very corrosive Gulf Coast environment in Loxley, Alabama, this company has a proud history of getting to know their customers’ corrosion prevention needs, just as we do with our clients. They live by their values and will turn down a job before they recommend that it be done the wrong way. As a result, Gulf Coast Paints customers enjoy extremely impressive results for longevity in the field. This is a company we can trust not only in the way they do business but in the quality products they offer.  When you work with coatings from Gulf Coast Paints, you can trust their product as if it was given to you by a friend.

We stock a variety of Gulf Coast Paints products at our warehouse in Marshalltown, Iowa, and we work closely with the Theis family on recommendations for industrial coatings projects. The close relationship between the Strand and Theis family businesses means that you’ll get the right coating for your expected environment. We’ll provide you the knowledge and experience you need in order to get years of successful coatings performance from your application. We trust the Gulf Coast Paints company, and we definitely trust their products. Trust us!

Featured Products:


VSC MCU Bins After - CopyA single component moisture cured aluminum urethane, this is great for adhesion to weathered galvanized steel or any steel which has less than ideal surface preparation. It penetrates very well into rust. Its aluminum flakes are shaped like dinner plates, which stack neatly together during the curing process. This makes it very difficult for moisture to migrate through the coating into existing rust. Because corrosion cannot occur without the presence of an electrolyte, MCU-100 is very effective on rusty steel, particularly when two coats are applied.  Because this product only needs moisture to cure, it works very well in cold temperatures.

MCU-100 technical data

*Helpful tip: There is plenty of moisture in the human body, so if you get this on your skin, you’ll be aluminum colored for a long time. Clean up with Methyl Ethyl Ketone.



CT-352 & CT-332 floor photo This Polyester Urethane is the most durable urethane topcoat that we offer. In abrasion testing, it scores an impressive 28 mg on the Tabor abrasion resistance test. This is great for warehouse floors, garages, factory aisles, line striping, or any steel or concrete substrate that will be subjected to abrasion. CT-332 is clear, while CT-352 comes in a variety of colors. We have years of experience with this product and not a single failure to date. A true winner.

CT-352 technical data
CT-332 technical data

View Technical Data

International Paints

Industrial Coatings for the Most Extreme Conditions

Offshore Oil PlatformInternational Paints offers a full range of industrial coatings with worldwide availability. They have a strong presence in the petrochemical and marine industries and are widely specified by engineers around the world, including systems to meet NORSOK requirements. Our team at Strand’s Industrial Coatings works closely with OEM customers and industrial paint shops who are seeking an internationally recognized system that will work in the world’s most corrosive environments. International Paints is headquartered in Houston, Texas, home of the oil and gas industry in the United States.

Featured Product:

Intergard 345

This is a high solids, fast curing epoxy primer/finish that contains zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation. It is often used as a lower cost alternative to Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646?  Recoat times at 77F, 50% RH are typically 2.5 hours at 4.0 – 6.0 mils DFT.  This is often used as the primer in a three coat system, followed by Intergard 475HS and Interthane 990.

Intergard 345 technical data


Specialty Industrial Coatings

Carboline Carboguard 893 tank job Comanche IAStrand’s Industrial Coatings’ partnership with Carboline allows us to offer some very specialized coatings solutions where many manufacturers don’t even have a product option. Carboline’s dedication to providing solutions in some of the world’s most demanding environments has been very valuable to developing Strand’s reputation a leader for industrial coatings. Carboline also has a reputation as a leader in coatings problem-solving.

Featured Products:

FlowCoat ESD

This is a 100% solids epoxy, chemical-resistant Electrostatic Dissipative Coating. It is designed to dissipate electrostatic charge in electronic manufacturing environments. It comes in four stock colors and is easy to clean.

Flowcoat ESD technical data

Reactamine 760

Reactamine 760This is a two component, 100% solids, 0 VOC, elastomeric, aromatic polyurethane hybrid used for a variety of industrial applications where tough but flexible coatings with excellent barrier properties are needed. It’s an environmentally-friendly product that is MOCA-free and made from bio-based ingredients. Reactamine 760 is resistant to many acids, alkalines, and other corrosive environments. It is an excellent choice in water and wastewater treatment services, including immersion service. It is applied with plural component equipment and can be immersed in fresh water two hours after application at 73F.

Reactamine 760 technical data


Baril Coatings

Baril logo jpgStrand’s has partnered with Baril Coatings in a variety of OEM applications. Baril’s small batch flexibility and Dual Cure Chemistry (DCC) has led to fast cure solutions for paint lines across the country. There’s no need to continue to run your oven or wait for long dry times prior to assembly or packaging after coating. With Strand’s Industrial and Baril Coatings, you can apply a two component polyaspartic with 30 minute dry to handle times.  This capability has been revolutionary for OEM shops around the country. Call Strand’s Industrial Coatings  for information about maximizing your output with Baril Coatings.  

Featured Products:

306 DCC ZRU Zinc Primer 

This is a two component zinc rich urethane primer which cures through a reaction with moisture in the air AND an accelerator. It is intended for application to abrasive blasted ferrous metal, and it may be topcoated with 174 i2 DCC Polyaspartic after 30 minutes. OEM applications have demonstrated impressive corrosion resistance in lab testing and in the most demanding industrial environments. Why wait overnight to topcoat your zinc rich primers? Switch to Baril Coatings 306 DCC ZRU Zinc Primer.    

Poluran i2 DCC Polyaspartic #174

This is a truly revolutionary coating for OEM’s needing a fast curing, durable, UV resistant coating for their paint line. Poluran 174 i2 cures with a chemical catalyst AND through a reaction with moisture in the air. While most coatings cure more slowly during high humidity, Poluran 174 i2 cures FASTER. Turn OFF your drying oven and switch to Baril Coating’s Poluran 174 i2. Save time, save gas in your oven, and speed up your paint line.  Switch to Baril Coating’s Poluran 174 i2.

PPG Keeler & Long

Keeler & Long has a distinguished history of successful applications in the power generation and transmission industry.  Strand’s partnership with Keeler & Long allows our clients to enjoy the reliability and proven track record of Keeler & Long in the power generation industry and beyond.  Strand’s ships Keeler & Long nationwide for new construction, plant maintenance, and OEM requirements.

Featured Product:


This is a 92% solids, single component, high build, alkyd flat coating with zinc dust for rust inhibitive properties and long term protection.  It is self priming and can be applied down to 35 F as long as temperatures are expected to rise in the coming months.  This coating is widely used in transmission and communication towers and poles.
Keeler & Long KL4400 Series Technical Data
Substation Equipment
System Sheet for Transmission and Substructures

Contact our team of coating experts to learn about which of these products is right for your application and environment. With our knowledge and supplier network, we can find the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Dampney Coatings

The undisputed kings of high heat coatings solutions with their Thurmalox line.  Since 1917, Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass., has designed, developed, manufactured, and distributed engineered coating systems for specialized applications. Dampney serves the refining, petro chemical, chemical processing, oil & gas, pipeline, power, OEM, pulp & paper, and materials processing markets.

American Powder Coatings

Strand’s is a distributor of American Powder Coatings products.  APC is located in St. Charles, IL.  They manufacture epoxy, hybrid, TGIC Polyester, Polyester/HAA, Polyester/Urethane and Acrylic chemistries.  Custom color matching and small batches are available. APC has a daily production capacity of 250,000 lbs. Strand’s Industrial Coatings is proud to be a distributor of APC powder coatings.

Barton Solvents

Strand’s is a distributor of the Barton Solvents line of industrial solvents, oils, and lubricants.  Barton’s inventory and fast turnaround times allow us to provide our customers with the quality they deserve on the timeline that they demand.  Are you needing your solvents in pails or gallons instead of drums?  Give us a call and let us be your solution.

Albi Protective Coatings: Intumescent Fireproofing

Albi Protective Coatings has been the premier developer and manufacturer of fireproofing materials since the mid  1950’s.  Strand’s Industrial Coatings is a distributor of the full line of Albi Intumescent and Fireproofing Coatings, including Albi TF, Albi TF+, Albi Clad 800, and Albi DriClad.


Jotun has been in the safe hands of the Gleditsch family since it began in 1920. Their stable ownership has supported Jotun’s business journey every step of the way, taking them from Sandefjord in Norway to every continent around the globe. Today, they are a world leader in the protective coatings market.


Hempel develops and manufactures coating solutions for the protective, decorative, marine, container, industrial and yacht segments. It was established in Denmark in 1915 and today employs people across the globe. It’s headquartered in Kongens Lyngby, near Copenhagen, Denmark.